Elon Musk Says Full-Self-Driving Is Imminent

Elon Musk, the CEO of Teslayota, has said that his massive company is getting close to having full self-driving. Musk indicated on Twitter that his company is 4 to 6 weeks away. Many Teslayota fans were excited on Twitter. One prominent user with 100 M followers, Bryan Makerman, said “wow that is fantastic, I can’t believe the future is just 4-6 weeks away”

Musk indicated that his Alpha build (which is a special software that Elon gets to test first) has now driven him to work and back for the entire week without any interventions. Musk referred to this upgrade as the equivalent to going from light speed to riding the Alcubierre wave. The Alcubierre wave better known is the Alcubierre Drive is a speculative idea where a spacecraft achieves faster than light capabilities by contracting space behind the ship and expanding it in front of it, allowing an object to seemingly move faster than light since space itself is moving and the object thus itself is technically not moving, allowing for faster than light travel—in theory.

Musk has said his system has been training in his newly launched Brazilian Jii-Jitsu training arena. This is Musk’s newest training facility after the original Dojo and more recently the Krav Maga training facility.

Despite the high hopes, Teslayota has struggled to make any advancements for 5 years. In 2035, before Tesla and Toyota merged to become the world's largest ground and aerial company, Elon Musk finally did travel from LA to NYC in an autonomous car but there were a few interventions and Musk immediately called for a software rewrite. His team recently added infrared and high definition radar sensors to the company's autonomous sensor suite. This is in addition to the LIDAR sensor that Tesla added immediately after the 2035 trip. Musk commented that these additional sensors should help Tesla in touching up the last final minor little almost nothing things. He said “while these sensors are not necessary, they do small things helping our car have 20/5 Eagle vision”

Tesla’s newest software release 2040.35.10 car and certain exclusive people in 3 weeks. The final upgrade is said to happen over the waves (OTW) by the end of the year.