City Districts Divided Among Gangs

Gang violence erupted yet again in downtown Toronto, continuing a months long spate of shootings and assaults that has left officials scrambling to assure citizens that they are still in control of the situation. Residents are left shaken and uncertain of which, if any, area of the city is safe in a series of violent incidents that span the east Toronto neighbourhood of Napanee to the western neighbourhood of Chatam-Kent. The sporadic and seemingly random nature of the events has left residents wondering whether they can even go about their daily routines.

The division of the city into marked red and blue sectors has severely restricted free movement and made it difficult for citizens to travel safely without prior planning. Often residents living in the marked zones find themselves unknowingly, and unwillingly, recruited as members “under contract” to the gang in control of the area.

The most recent incident was sparked by the rival red-wearing faction entering territory tightly held by the Blues. In fact, it is territory so well known to be a Blue stronghold that members of the Red Faction were spotted quickly by multiple groups Blues almost instantly. This inevitable direct confrontation likely intensified the ferocity violence that occurred in broad daylight and unhindered by the large number of bystanders. By the time the dust settled, thirty-two dead and millions in damage in carnage not seen since the Franchise Wars.

The high profile of this incident has caused the rare event of a representative of the Red Faction of contacting the media in order to explain their side of the story. “We weren’t there to cause this bloodshed. A handful of our crew didn’t mind where they were and crossed into enemy territory. It was bad judgement on the Blue’s to go out and escalate the situation.”

However, a Blue representative sees it differently, “They knew full well what they were doing. This wasn’t first time they ‘accidentally’ crossed into our zone. They’re doing it to steal our customers and expand their own territory.” And it wasn’t long before ominous warnings were leveled at their rivals. “This will learn those bitches from Rogers to stay in their house and not cross into Bell territory. The only way these streets are gonna turn red is through holes in their body.”

When asked about how this violence effects the safety of ordinary citizens who are bystanders a Rogers spokesman said “Customer safety is our top priority, which is why we deplore the despicable behaviour of Bell representatives and encourage their customers to switch to Rogers by pressing 1 now.” Pressed on how this would help abate the number of shootings and increase safety, after a two-hours on hold the rep responded, “We have extended our limited time offer of amnesty to Bell customers wanting to switch services. Also we would like to remind current customers of our home monitoring solutions. Also we have introduced a new line of semi-automatics that can purchased no money down on a three-year contract.”

Confidence that violence will end soon is at an all-time low and a recent poll surveying local residents states that an overwhelming 82% consider their city to be unsafe. Canadian Viceroy, Kevin O’Leary, when asked how he would handle the situation became irate and said “The municipality of Toronto unincorporated from greater Canada years ago of their own accord. This is their mess and there’s nothing that we can do to alleviate their situation.” Meanwhile, the mayor's request to be exfiltrated from the city by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Snake Plissken, has been refused. Viceroy O’Leary has also reminded everyone that all areas southwest of Kingston has been declared a no-go zone and not to cross the fence, at risk to their own safety.